Edge to Edge (per square inch)  

        edge to edge (one all-over design)                $0.025

        edge to edge plus borders                            $0.035


        blocks, borders and sashing                          $0.045 and above

        stitch-in-the-ditch, hand-guided, applique fill   $25.00 per hour

​     Please contact me for a quote.

Minimum Order is $50 for edge to edge and $100 for custom.


  $8.00 per yard                Hobbs 80/20 (cotton/poly)

  $10.00 per yard              Warm & White 100% cotton

  Other types of batting such as wool or wool blend also available


  I use Superior So Fine #50, Wonderfill, or Fil-Tec Glide.

  $5.00 per color. 


  *Additional charges may apply if:

     - specialty thread such as monofilament, variegated,  metallic, and etc.

     - additional prepwork such as mending/squaring/pressing

Prices subject to change.

​Pricing Examples for Edge to Edge quilting:

  Full/double 78" x 88" x $0.025  = $171

  Queen 90" x 108" x $0.025 = $243

K. Peterson Quilting